Website Design & Development

Personal Project

Space Age is an Arena channel containing all things inspired by the era. From news on astronomical developments to popular space culture to furniture, fasion and movies, this channel has it all. 

A website that dynamically categorises content generated via an external API.

For the Space Age website, I chose to be creative in terms of classifying the categories with different missions for respective content, 
1. mission see: for images
2. mission see and hear: for videos and podcasts
3. mission see, hear and read: PDFs, text and links

This categorisation gave this project a unique take that helps with building curiousity.

Following the space theme, all graphics, colours and typography are inspired by the theme.

For a fun surpirse element, at the end of each page the viewer can “launch” the missions into space. It has a sound effect.

Mobile Responsive
The website is coded to be response for desktops, tablets and screens. The last video shows the adaptation.

Responsive across screens