Editorial & Cover Design
Vector Illustration

Freelance Project

Oneirocritica is a thesis on the study of dreams. It presents research on dreams of selected East and West dream philosophies, as well as compares and analyses these theories.

The client wanted a book that enmated the content of the thesis in its design. 

For this project, the design was entirely based on the content of the thesis. Just like the erratic nature of dreams, this book follows no consistent grids but each page has a grid of its own. Every page has been designed by keeping in mind its content. For instance, in the page with the title ‘Ancient Greece’, there are 4 paragraphs with different text sizes. The idea behind this design choice was the respective documented study on dreams over time. Even though the reader might not realise the subtleties in design, this emphasises how the majority not really understand the meaning of their dreams.

Since in this project, content dominates the design, the rest of the design is kept minimal, using only black and white vector illustrations.