Event Branding

Freelance Project

IADVL holds an annual two days long dermatologist conference in various cities in India. The meet was held in 2021 at Raipur, Chattisgarh.

The client required designing for the event and all related media such as WhatsApp ads, printed brochure, standy design, box gate, certificate, ID card, faculty and team promotion posts and videos as well as a photobooth along with props. 

This project had a tight deadline of three weeks, where the delivery for various tasks had to be done on the day itself.

Throughout the three weeks, we created excitement amongst the atendees through daily promotion posts and parallely worked on the event venue branding.

We chose a colour palette inspired by a skin diagram as shown on the right. The branding also included a Ghadi Chowk to highlight the city it was held in. A symbol combining all elements became an icon for the Cuticon 2021.

List of deliverables 
For the Promotion,
- 45 x Meet the Faculty/Team Promotion Posts & Videos
- 3 x 2D Animation teaser ads
- Invitation Card
- Sponsor ads
- Digital Brochure

For the Event, 
- ID Card
- Certificate of Participation / Excellency
- Printed Brochure
- Box Gate design
- Standy ads
- Photobooth and props