Website Design & Development

Freelance Project

Architecture Foundation India is a not for profit organisation whose aim is to promote and spread awareness of architecture and urbanisation in India.

The foundation reached out for a website design that could help showcase their projects, inform visitors on their upcoming events as well as showcase their team and also be an easy way for any potential stakeholder to contact them. 

The overall visual design choices for the website were based on the existing minimal identity design.

The website features fixed header and footer menu, that help visitors easily navigate any part of the website instantly and also declutters the overall look.

The projects section have organised subcategories and sections to view a project based on various fronts. 

The images and links underneath project titles are the main focus of the site, where the vistiors can delve into their area of interests whilst also discovering new subjects. This feature helps educate about all of the foundations’ old as well as new projects.