Identity Design

Freelance Project

Alberto & Brittany are certified ABA practioners that are building a startup, called Alberto & Brittany Analysis, which provides a new approach to the traditional ABA therapy practiced in USA. 

A&BA required an identity designed for their new startup. 

For this project, the process started with research about ABA therapy along with  interviews of the clients, their personailties and their approach to ABA.

The monotype was a result of this research, where it was clear that both Alberto and Brittany complemented each others’ skills and styles of providing therapy, which would help their clients holistically.

The final deliverable was a brand guideline covering aspects such logo design, typography and colour. The layouts created were just to give the client an initial idea of how to pair colour and type.

Review by Alberto, Co-founder
Working with Kritika on this branding project was an incredible experience. Not only did she provide me with an incredible logo that is unique and special to my business, but she has truly helped me create a culture around my business. The level of care and detail when choosing the font, color palette, logo design, templates, etc. was very thoughtful. There is passion in the design that Kritika brings. As a business owner, we may have a great service or product, but it takes incredible branding to get that message to the masses. Kritika’s design for Alberto & Brittany Analysis (ABA) will absolutely help our vision come true.

Logo In UseAlternate LogoAlternate Logo MockupSnapshots of the Brand GuidelineThe Colour PaletteColour In UseAlternate Logo & ColourType, Colour & Logo in UseType & Colour In UseLogo In Use