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4 degree makes makes yogurt based desserts and serves it at the optimum temperature of 4 degrees. Not only is great for health but also great in taste, their quality desserts are made using only natural ingredients and follow the traditional Greek yogurt recipe.

Even though made traditionally, 4 degree brings a twist to the traditional way of eating high sugar and carb dense desserts. They are innovative in their approach intriguing in their style yet simple in their process.

4 Degree needed an identity design that could be launched online and operated via a cloud kitchen. 

The overall design of the brand was inspired by the idea of creating something fresh, playful yet modern in the Indian market.

The length of logo was inspired by the long time consuming process of making the yogurt while the simple shape of the 4 is also inspired by the letter Y (which stands for yogurt in this case).

Project deliverables were:
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Brand Guideline

Logo DesignPhotographyPackaging Inspiration